Commonwealth Games Cricket T20 Schedule 2022: Teams, Live Telecast & TV Coverage

Commonwealth Games Cricket T20 Schedule 2022- T20 Cricket is making its debut at the Commonwealth Games and there is a huge excitement within cricket fans. The 2022 Commonwealth Games will include women’s cricket. T20 is the fastest cricket match officially recognized by the International Cricket Council. 

Back in 1998 Kuala Lumpur Commonwealth Games, men’s cricket was held which South Africa won. In 2022, T20 cricket and women’s cricket both are making their debut. 

Many cricket fans are looking for Commonwealth Games Cricket details. So in this article, we will share the schedule, participating teams and streaming details.  

Cricket T20 at Commonwealth Games 2022

There are few countries who play cricket but the craze among these countries is tremendous. But many viewers from other countries might be clueless or unaware of what cricket is. So for them, let’s brush up the rules in a nutshell. 

Cricket is a sport played between two teams with 11 players on each side. The toss is conducted and the winner of the toss decides to bowl or bat first. 

The fielding team has 11 players on the field while the batting team has two batters on the field at a time. 

The fielding team has assigned bowlers who bowl to the batters and try to get them out. While batters try to score as many runs as possible on their bowling. The T20 match has an inning of 20 overs each. 

Since these are T20 matches, both teams have 20 overs to score as many runs as possible. The over consists of 6 legal deliveries. 

The batting team has 10 wickets max. If the team loses its 10 wickets before 20 overs are completed, the innings come to end. 

So how can a bowler take a wicket? Well, the batter is termed out if the batter misses the ball and it hits the stumps, or if the batter hits the ball and the ball is caught by the fielder before the ball touches the ground or if the fielder returns the ball to the wicket before the batter completes the run. 

The team which scores more runs than their opposition wins the match. 

Commonwealth Games Cricket T20 Schedule 2022
Commonwealth Games Cricket T20 Schedule 2022

Commonwealth Games Cricket T20 Schedule 2022

The Commonwealth Games T20 cricket schedule is out and everyone is excited to know the fixtures. Total 8 cricket nations will be participating in the Commonwealth Games 2022. These eight teams have been divided into two groups with four teams each. 

Group A: Australia, India, Pakistan, Barbados

Group B: South Africa, New Zealand, England, Sri Lanka

The T20 Cricket matches will be conducted from 29th July to 7th August 2022. 

29th July 202211:00 - 14:30Australia v IndiaEDGBASTON, BIRMINGHAM
29th July 202218:00 - 21:30Pakistan v BarbadosEDGBASTON, BIRMINGHAM
30th July 202211:00 - 14:30New Zealand v South AfricaEDGBASTON, BIRMINGHAM
30th July 202218:00 - 21:30England v Commonwealth Games QualifierEDGBASTON, BIRMINGHAM
31st July 202211:00 - 14:30India v PakistanEDGBASTON, BIRMINGHAM
31st July 202218:00 - 21:30Barbados v AustraliaEDGBASTON, BIRMINGHAM
2nd August 202211:00 - 14:30England v South AfricaEDGBASTON, BIRMINGHAM
2nd August 202218:00 - 21:30Commonwealth Games Qualifier v New ZealandEDGBASTON, BIRMINGHAM
3rd August 202211:00 - 14:30Australia v PakistanEDGBASTON, BIRMINGHAM
3rd August 202218:00 - 21:30India v BarbadosEDGBASTON, BIRMINGHAM
4th August 202211:00 - 14:30South Africa v Commonwealth Games QualifierEDGBASTON, BIRMINGHAM
4th August 202218:00 - 21:30England v New ZealandEDGBASTON, BIRMINGHAM
6th August 202211:00 - 14:30Semi-final 1EDGBASTON, BIRMINGHAM
6th August 202218:00 - 21:30Semi-final 2EDGBASTON, BIRMINGHAM
7th August 202210:00 - 13:30Bronze Medal MatchEDGBASTON, BIRMINGHAM
7th August 202217:00 - 20:30Gold Medal Match
Medal Ceremony

T20 Cricket Teams Participating at Commonwealth Games 2022

Total 8 cricket nations will be participating in the Commonwealth Games 2022. Check out the list of teams participating at Commonwealth Games 2022.

  • India
  • Australia
  • Pakistan
  • Barbados
  • South Africa
  • New Zealand
  • England
  • Sri Lanka

T20 Cricket Venue: Where will Commonwealth Games Cricket matches be held?

All the 16 T20 Cricket matches will be held at Edgbaston Stadium in Birmingham. There were various suggestions to hold matches across various venues which include County Cricket Ground, Derby; New Road, Worcester. But in the end, a single venue of Edgbaston was selected.

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