Commonwealth Games Netball Schedule 2022: Live Stream & Results Updates

Commonwealth Games Netball Schedule 2022 – The Commonwealth Games are just a few days away and the atmosphere and excitement has started to kick in. The UK is ready to host the prestigious multi sporting event and millions of tickets have been sold. The games is expected to bring together 5000 athletes from 72 nations.

Netball is one of the games included in the Birmingham Commonwealth Games 2022. Netball is also one of the games which is gaining popularity year on year. So today, in this article, we will be discussing the Commonwealth Games Netball schedule, streaming details. The results of the event will also be updated as the games begin.

Netball at Commonwealth Games

Netball is a team driven, athletic and very fast paced sport. It is one of the most exciting events scheduled for the 2022 Commonwealth Games. 

As per a few reports, the participation, viewership and attendance for netball is on the up. It is also said that netball can be the most popular and most watched sporting event at the Birmingham Commonwealth Games.

Netball is a seven a side sport. Whenever a player is in possession of the ball, they are unable to move. The player with ball possession either has to pass or shoot the ball within three seconds of receiving it. 

The team which scored most goals within 60 minutes wins the contest. The goal shooters and goal attack positioned players are allowed to shoot at any point while defenders and goalkeepers role is to halt the oppositions effort to score goals.

Netball creates moments of unhuman leaping which makes the sport a must watch. As per the rules, while marking a player, there should be at least three foot distance between players. Due to this rule, we see flexibility and some unthinkable jumping on both sides of the court. 

Commonwealth Games Netball Schedule 2022
Commonwealth Games Netball Schedule 2022

Commonwealth Games Netball Schedule 2022

Interested in Commonwealth Games netball schedule? Well, here we have shared the detailed schedule of netball at Birmingham Commonwealth Games. For Indian audience, you can check the Commonwealth Games Netball schedule 2022 in IST.

FRI 29 JULY 202212:00 – 15:30England v B5
Australia v A6
FRI 29 JULY 202218:00 – 21:30Jamaica v A5
New Zealand v B6
SAT 30 JULY 202212:00 – 15:30Australia v A4
England v Malawi
SAT 30 JULY 202218:00 – 21:30Jamaica v South Africa
New Zealand v B4
SUN 31 JULY 202212:00 – 15:30Malawi v B6
South Africa v A6
SUN 31 JULY 202218:00 – 21:30A4 v A5
B4 v B5
MON 1 AUGUST 202212:00 – 15:30Australia v South Africa
Jamaica v A6
MON 1 AUGUST 202218:00 – 21:30England v B6
New Zealand v Malawi
TUE 2 AUGUST 202212:00 – 15:30Australia v A5
Jamaica v A4
TUE 2 AUGUST 202218:00 – 21:30England v B4
New Zealand v B5
WED 3 AUGUST 202212:00 – 15:30South Africa v A5
B4 v B6
WED 3 AUGUST 202218:00 – 21:30A4 v A6
Malawi v B5
THU 4 AUGUST 20229:00 – 12:30Australia v Jamaica
A5 v A6
THU 4 AUGUST 202214:00 – 17:30B5 v B6
Malawi v B4
THU 4 AUGUST 202219:00 – 22:30South Africa v A4
New Zealand v England
FRI 5 AUGUST 20229:00 – 13:00Classification Match 1
Classification Match 2
FRI 5 AUGUST 202214:30 – 18:30Classification Match 3
Classification Match 4
SAT 6 AUGUST 20229:00 – 11:00Semi-final 1
SAT 6 AUGUST 202214:30 – 16:30Semi-final 2
SUN 7 AUGUST 202213:30 – 15:30Bronze Medal Match
SUN 7 AUGUST 202220:30 – 22:30Gold Medal Match
Medal Ceremony

Netball Venue: Where will Commonwealth Games Netball Events be held?

The netball events will be held in the NEC. NEC stands for the National Exhibition Centre which is the UK’s largest exhibition venue. One can reach NEC venue by train, bus or by driving their own car. The connectivity to the venue via public transport is good. For more information about the venue, check out the official website.

Commonwealth Games 2022: How to Watch Netball Live From Anywhere

Commonwealth Games is a multi sporting event and many fans are confused if their favourite sport will be televised or not. Today, here in this article where and how to watch Commonwealth Games Netball live stream. 


Australia is one of those countries where the fanbase for the Commonwealth Games is huge. Australia is also a country which usually tops the medal table. So the Australian athletes are under the radar all around the globe. If you are residing in Australia and wish to watch Commonwealth Games 2022 Live stream, tune to Seven Network. Seven Network is a huge Australian free to air channel network. Seven Sports has grabbed the broadcasting rights for Commonwealth Games 2022. The Commonwealth Games can be enjoyed in HD quality on 7HD.


  • Network: Seven Network
  • Language: English
  • Picture: 1080p (HDTV) 16:9

New Zealand

When it comes to Commonwealth Games, New Zealand is one of the active participating teams across the globe. The sports fans residing in New Zealand can enjoy the multi sporting event on Sky New Zealand. Sky NZ which is popularly recognized as Sky is one of the biggest broadcasting networks in New Zealand. Sky has a huge network of sports channels. With channels ranging from Sky Sport Select, Sky Sports 1 to 9, New Zealand supporters can enjoy Commonwealth Games live from their comfort zone.

  • Network: Sky New Zealand
  • Language: English
  • Picture: 1080p (HDTV) 16:9


If you are residing in England, why are you looking for a broadcaster? Get the tickets and watch the Commonwealth Games live from the venue itself. Well, even if it’s true that the atmosphere and experience at stadiums is something to experience, it is not possible for everyone. 

So if you are in England and want to watch the Commonwealth Games live, tune to BBC. The BBC network is one of the most extensive broadcasting networks in the world. 

After extensive coverage of the Tokyo Olympics, the BBC is dedicated to bringing similar coverage of the Commonwealth Games. The BBC will bring 24*7 coverage of the Commonwealth Games. This includes live action, highlights and replays.

  • Network: BBC Network
  • Language: English, Welsh, Scottish Gaelic, Irish
  • Picture: 1080p (HDTV) 16:9
  • Platform: Windows, macOS, Linux, iOS, Android, Android TV, Apple TV, Amazon Fire TV, Chromecast, Roku, Virgin Media 


Today, India, a country of billion dreams, is one of the most attractive markets for everything. Same goes for broadcasting. With billions of viewers, the broadcasting companies bid heavily to grab these rights. 

For the Commonwealth Games, the Sony Network has grabbed the broadcasting rights. Sony is one of the popular networks in India. Sony has a huge network of sports channels which include Sony Ten 1, Sony Ten 2 and Sony Six. These channels are available in both SD and HD. 

So if you are residing in India, tune to Sony Ten or Sony Six for live coverage of Birmingham Commonwealth Games 2022.


  • Network: Sony Network
  • Language:English, 
    Picture: 1080p (HDTV) 16:9

This was all about Commonwealth Games Netball Schedule 2022: Live Stream & Results Updates. For more Commonwealth Games 2022 updates, news and articles, stay tuned to our blog. If you like our content, do share it with fellow sports enthusiasts, friends and family.

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