[UPDATED] Gururaja Poojary Biography, Wiki, Age, Height, Weight & More

Gururaja Poojary Biography, Wiki, Age, Height, Weight & More – Gururaja Poojary has won the Commonwealth Games Bronze medal and now he is being searched all over the internet. Many of us, don’t know much about Gururaja Poojary. So here we are going to share the Gururaja Poojary Biography.

Name Gururaja Poojary
Father’s Name Mahabala Poojary
Birth Date 15 August 1992
Age 29
Birth Place Kundapura, Karnataka
Height 1.55m (5 ft 1 inches)
Weight 56 Kgs (123 pounds) (2018)
College SDM College
Citizenship Indian
Caste Hindu
Occupation Weightlifter Athlete
Sport Weightlifting
Group 56 and 59 Kgs
Eye Color Black
Coach Rajendra Prasad

Birth and Family of Gururaja Poojary

Gururaja Poojary was born on 15 August 1992 in Kundapura village of Udipi district, Karnataka. Gururaja Poojary is from a very poor family. Gururaja Poojary’s father’s name is Mahabala Pujari. who is a truck driver. There are total eight members in his family. Gururaja has five brothers, of whom Gururaja is the youngest. His life was also full of struggles. But Gururaja never looked back due to his passion for the game.

Education of Gururaja Poojary

Gururaja Poojary, who hails from Kundapura village in Udipi district of Karnataka, is the youngest of his five brothers. He did his early studies from Meerut itself. Weight lifting player Gururaja Poojary has done his early studies from Karnataka itself. According to the information received, he has obtained a degree up to graduation. After his early studies, he completed his graduation at SDM College in Ujire, Karnataka.

Gururaja Poojary
Gururaja Poojary

Coach of Gururaja Poojary

Weight lifting player Gururaja Poojary was greatly influenced by wrestler Sushil Kumar. Seeing him, Gururaja started his career with wrestling. But coach Rajendra Prasad had recognized the talent of weightlifting in Gururaja. That’s why he asked Gururaja to do weightlifting and from this his career of weightlifting starts.

Gururaja Poojary Career Weightlifting

The current age of the talented weightlifting player Gururaja Poojary is 29 years (as of 2022). Although they have not married yet. Gururaja is putting his full attention towards the achievement of his goal. Gururaja was very much influenced by wrestler Sushil Kumar and since then Gururaja was determined that he would also earn a name in wrestling. Then the day he met coach Rajendra Prasad ji, during that time coach Rajendra Prasad recognized the hidden talent of weightlifting inside Gururaja and he advised Gururaja to do weightlifting.

Gururaja being the youngest of 5 brothers, choosing weightlifting was not a challenge for him. It is very important for a good weightlifter to have a good diet, which was not possible with his father Mahabala Pujari. He used to spend the money received from the reward in his good diet. But over time, that much money was not enough for a good diet. For this reason, he tried to join the army, but unfortunately he could not be recruited due to his short stature. Then he applied for the Airforce because the height is not very important there.

Gururaja Poojary Records

  • In the year 2016, Gururaja Poojary, for the first time of his career, achieved the feat of winning the gold medal in the Commonwealth Championship itself. This championship was then in the 59 kg weight category.
  • Gururaja had poor luck in the 56 kg weight category in the 2017 Gold Coast Commonwealth Championships and had to settle for the bronze medal due to lack of practice after recovering from an injury.
  • In the year 2018, he was selected for the weightlifting 56 kg category for the Commonwealth Games and in this also Gururaj’s performance was very good but in this too he had to be satisfied with the silver medal.
  • Gururaja Poojary won the silver medal in the 61 kg weight category in the 2021 Commonwealth Championships. He was only 8 kg away from winning the goal medal in this Commonwealth Championship.
  • Gururaja Poojary is a strong contender for Gold in Commonwealth Games 2022
  • Gururaja Poojary was selected for weightlifting for the Commonwealth Games 2022 being held in Birmingham. Despite injury rumors, Gururaja has won the bronze medal at the Birmingham Commonwealth Games 2022. 


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Question: Who is Gururaja Poojary?

Answer: Indian weightlifting player

Question: When was Gururaja Poojary born?

Answer: 15 August 1992

Question: How old is Gururaja Poojary?

Answer: 29 years

Question: Which one has been won by Gururaja Poojary in the World Commonwealth Games 2018?

Answer: Won silver medal in 56 kg (mens) category.

Question: Where is Gururaja Poojary from?

Answer: Kundapura village, Karnataka

Question: Gururaja Poojary is related to which sport?

Answer: Weightlifting

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